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Understanding the difference between MD5 and SHA

To have a clear understanding of the difference between MD5 and SHA we have to discuss them separately. The SHA is nothing but a group of cryptographic hash functions that is published by none other than NIST( National Institute of Standard and Technology). Now there are various versions of SHA and they can be listed […]

How to customize twitter background

Twitter customization is a simple process that can be counted as some steps. You can customize your twitter backgrounds through just three simple steps. In those steps: Firstly you need to sign in through your registered details (User Name and Password). Then move to your settings page where you find design tab on the left […]

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a well known online social networking and micro blogging service provider that enables us to connect with peoples and comment over their status and shares in one or two line statements (around 140 characters). This was established by some crazy bloggers, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone, in the year of 2006. […]

drop dead succession plan

Sometimes it is happened that the big organizations miss their leaders or their higher authorities instantly due to a very common unpredictable reason like death occurred due to severe heart attack, major accident, depression and others. This is a very critical situation which is faced by many big and small organizations and the sudden death […]

World Economic Forum’s annual meeting held in Davos

Foreign companies are waiting for the outcome or results of the elections so that they can invest their significant dollars in our country, India, despite the improved sentiment on India. World Economic Forum’s annual meeting held in Davos was attended by the global investors and experts who feel and said that foreign companies should wait for the […]

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