Friday, 8 December 2017

Web Hosting Control Panel Help

 Change default icons and control images

  • In the Base Image Directory field, enter the path to the IMAGES directory

    1. Select Design Settings in the Look and Feel menu.
    2. Ask your parent host to send you the default control panel images. Create "IMAGES" directory and put the received images into it. Place the directory with the images to a custom location.
    3. Replace the images you want to change. New images must have the same sizes as the defaults.
    4. Go to Look and Feel -> Design Settings and click Change at the bottom of page.
    If you made a mistake and your images do not show, just clear the Base Image Directory field, and click Submit. The original path will be restored.

    Location Of Control Panel Files And Directories

    By default, the cpanel user home directory is /hsphere/local/home/cpanel.
    Files and Directories that can be located in the control panel:
    CP Apache installation
    CP Apache configuration
    CP Apache configuration file
    H-Sphere related binary and config files
    H-Sphere config files
    H-Sphere config file
    file that contains version number of H-Sphere
    H-Sphere templates location, DocumentRoot for Apache server
    Redirect to control panel; served when the CP URL is accessed
    SiteStudio config file (could be on a different server)

    Removing name server from zone files

    Master DNS Servers - XXX
    Slave DNS Servers - XXX
    Any numbers here other than zero ??
    DNS Creator is a utility that re-creates DNS data to new DNS servers. Use this utility to republish DNS data to a different box or add an extra DNS server.
    To create DNS:
    1. Log into your control panel server as the cpanel user.
    2. Run DNS Creator

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