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Reseller Hosting Software

As a web host reseller, one of our most important business decisions is our choice of web hosting control panel software. The web hosting software we use will save or cost our time, money, and frustration.

What reseller control panel features will reduce our workload? What hosting software programs are integrated with the reseller control panel or work with it? What website control panel features will our clients like?These are important questions which's answers are very important.

Four quality web hosting Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting plans - CPWebHostingr software programs:

  • Alabanza
  • cPanel
  • H-Sphere
  • Plesk

All of these reseller control panels come with control panels for our clients. They all have numerous features,advanced email management, web statistics, pre-installed scripts, multi-language support, and more.

All tools work on Linux platforms, while H-Sphere and Plesk also work with Windows. According to the cPanel website, a Windows version of cPanel is in development.Other features that set these control panels apart are their degree of automation, the number of features and ease of use for the end user, and the features and ease of use for us, the reseller.

When we become an Alabanza reseller, we don’t just have a reseller account we lease a dedicated server from Alabanza. Alabanza owns the control panel and the server, and we resell directly for Alabanza.

If we lease a dedicated Alabanza server, we can create our own reseller accounts. However, only we can set up hosting plans, resellers below us will be limited to hosting plans that we create.

Alabanza offers resellers a high degree of automation with its Domain System Manager (DSM), which can significantly reduce overhead and time spent on routine tasks:

  • Account creation
  • Billing and invoice management
  • Credit card processing
  • Domain registration
  • Email notifications
  • Ordering fraud protection

A key Alabanza feature that resellers can offer their clients is the Xpress Product Suite, which provides web development and email management tools. The Xpress Product Suite includes SiteXpress, a website-building program that features over 300 templates and requires no web design skills.

For resellers and end users, cPanel is known for its ease of use and range of features. cPanel’s collection of over pre-installed scripts installer help clients set up their sites with little web development knowledge.

A basic cPanel Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting plans - CPWebHosting account comes with two separate programs for resellers to manage their business:

  • WHM (Web Host Manager) is used to create accounts and packages, add and suspend sites, modify passwords, view bandwidth usage, park domains, install SSL certificates, and perform other administrative functions.
  • Software programs are available for Linux than for Windows, which makes Linux less expensive. While most programs run on both platforms, a few run on only Windows or Linux. A site that requires ASP or MS Access.
  • Control panels for websites range from very basic to loaded with features. As a reseller, we’ll also have a control panel for us to set up and control hosting accounts.

The web host company that we choose for our reseller account is a key decision our business success depends on the quality of our host. Factors to consider when choosing a web host for a reseller account is very important.
Reseller De Hosting
Florida, US

More features about reseller

  • The platform and control panel

Account features

  • The company’s reputation — search for online reviews by clients
  • The record of server uptime
  • The level of support — how fast does tech support respond to support requests, especially time-sensitive ones?

The factors who affects before choosing a host:

  • Flexibility: does the web host have packages that allow us to upgrade when our needs increase? Will they customize plans if necessary?
  • How long the web host has been in business while a new web host may be very good, many web hosting businesses fail within the first year
  • Price consider what is included in the price

Divide our bandwidth by our disk space to find out the ratio of bandwidth to disk space that we can offer. Take into account any ratios that differ if we upgrade to a larger package, and then base our packages on that ratio.
Reseller De Hosting
Florida, US

We have three main choices for website development:

  • Create a website using an existing website template
  • Hire a designer or a design company to design our site for
  • If we have web design skills, design our site ourself

To be able to accept payments for hosting accounts, we’ll to set up:

  • An SSL certificate
  • A merchant account
  • A payment gateway
  • A helpdesk allows clients to contact us with support requests and us to track and respond to those requests.

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