Thursday, 7 December 2017

Navigator Gold

Netscape Navigator 2.0 is a standard on the Web; according to some surveys, it is used by 70 percent of all Web surfers.
In an effort to make Web content development easier for the masses, Netscape has released a Gold version of Navigator. Navigator Gold merges the power of Navigator 2.0 with a WYSIWYG-based HTML editor.

Navigator Gold is a good basic editor that seamlessly integrates with the Navigator browser. For designing the initial look and feel of your pages, it's a good editor to use. that seamlessly integrates with the Navigator browser. For designing the initial look and feel of your pages, it's a good editor to use.

But after you design the appearance of a page and want to JavaScript-ize it , you'll probably want to supplement your development with several other tools.

If you want to use an editor other than Navigator Gold, you can use one such as HoTMetaL, HotDog, or HTML Write. After you finish the basic layout of your page, however, switching between a simple editor such as NotePad or TextPad and your browser is a fast and efficient way to go.

It's not much different from what most programmers go through: developing, editing, and compiling a program through an editor framework, then switching to another program to test, run, and debug it.

Navigator Gold is primarily geared toward end-user creation of "straightforward" pages, with support limited to HTML 2.0. Rather than bombarding the user with HTML tags, Gold hides all but the end result.

Formatting text, adding headings, creating links, and inserting graphics are all easily accomplished with the click of a mouse. The integration between browser and editor is smooth and clean as well. Any page you load in the browser can be opened in the Editor by choosing File, Edit Document, or by choosing the edit icon on the toolbar.

The Navigator Gold editor loads a document with FRAMESET tags as though it is a frame-disabled browser. Instead of being presented with a multiframe editing session, you are shown the text contained in a NOFRAME tag.

In addition, saving a page with FRAMESET tags results in a "new" page being created with only the content of the NOFRAME tag. This effectively strips the frames from the document.
While the SCRIPT tag is not directly available from a pull-down menu, you can use Navigator Gold's capability to enter alternative HTML tags.

Creating links with Navigator Gold is a snap, but there is no way to add the event handler attributes, such as onMouseOver, that give JavaScript so much power. Links are also saved as absolute references, which have the full path- and filename.

So after you edit a document, you need to choose File and publish to resolve the absolute references.
If you have any links that have event handlers connected, the Navigator Gold editor tries to evaluate the handler's functions but, because JavaScript code is not evaluated from within the editor, an error will be generated.
This means that certain handler combinations could create documents that are difficult to edit.

However, there is no easy way to enter a terminating /SCRIPT tag. It's simpler to have the <SCRIPT> construction already embedded in your document.

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