Thursday, 7 December 2017

LiveWire Pro

Netscape's LiveWire Pro is a collection of utilities that enable Web administrators to easily maintain a Web site.

Working in conjunction with Netscape's FastTrack Server, LiveWire Pro provides a graphic interface to the Webmaster, enabling drag-and-drop site creation. You can edit individual Web pages using Navigator Gold 2.0, which is included with FastTrack.

LiveWire Pro only works with Netscape's Web servers which restricts the usefulness of LiveWire Pro to those platforms that run Netscape's server software.

If you're maintaining a Web site and want to incorporate server-side JavaScript, this is perfect-but it might be too much for an end-user working with his or her collection of pages.

LiveWire Pro is currently available only for the Windows NT and Solaris platforms. LiveWire Pro NT can run under Windows 95-but without a Windows 95-native Netscape server, you're limited to using the Site Manager utility.

This means that you can maintain an existing site on another machine, but you can't create, edit, or maintain any applications of your own.

Basically, if you aren't running Windows NT and your own Web site, you're better off looking at some of the other tools the Internet has to offer.

It's a good idea to keep up with new tools, utilities, and helper programs as you embark into JavaScripting. The Internet is swelling with resources, many of which are free for the taking.

Paint Shop Pro is an excellent Windows-based graphics program that handles most image formats and can produce interlaced and transparent GIF files.

Another program worth having on the Windows platform is the GIF Construction Set, by Alchemy Mindworks, which supports the easy creation of animated GIFs. If JPEG is more your style, you might find Lview Pro of some use.

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