Friday, 8 December 2017

Lightweight OOPS Scripting Language

JavaScript is a lightweight object-based scripting language created by Netscape Communications Corporation for developing Internet applications. JavaScript is lightweight in that there isn't a great deal to learn and you can be productive with it very quickly, in contrast to much more complex languages such as Java.

As a scripting language, JavaScript is meant to tell an application what to do. Unlike languages used to create applications, it cannot do anything without the application.

You can develop server applications or client applications with JavaScript.Here, the term "server" refers to the computer where your Web pages reside.
And the term "client" refers to the browser application that loads and displays your Web pages.

One of the underutilized areas of JavaScript is client-side integration with CGI and server-side databases.

You can embed JavaScript statements in Web pages, which are written in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).
JavaScript is an extension to HTML that lets you create more sophisticated Web pages than you ever could with HTML alone.

Most HTML browsers assume a common definition about the character set used, and about which characters distinguish text from markup tags.
They also generally agree about a core set of legal markup tags. They then diverge on which additional new markup tags to permit.

Strictly speaking, HTML is a Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), Document Type Definition (DTD). An SGML document has three parts. The first part defines the character set to be used and tells which characters in that set distinguish text from markup tags.

Here,the Markup tags specify how the viewer application, or browser, should present the text to the user.

With JavaScript's capability to validate information and keep a running total of items and prices, it can serve as a powerful tool to reduce the dependence on CGI scripts in generating catalog pages and order forms for users, thereby reducing the load on the server and the user's time spent on waiting for client-server communication.

If it was just a matter of hard wiring the JavaScript code with the product items, this would be a simple-albeit limited-project.
But it is designed to work with a database that can change in content and size from day-to-day. This is where CGI becomes a necessary companion to JavaScript.

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