Thursday, 14 December 2017

Experiencing Website Hosting

Server hardware is so similar to your old PC hardware that the price of server hardware has come down considerably. Down enough that it's tempting for a lot of us to host our server. All a server is:
High-speed processor.

  • A significant amount of RAM.
  • A vast amount of Disk Space.
  • Connection to a T1 line (access to the outside world)

The hardware housed in substantial office buildings. There are many racks of servers filling these climate-controlled rooms. Most of the server host brag about their 99% or better uptime. It is awe-inspiring and another reason to use a server host. How often have you re-booted your PC in the past?

 There different operating systems on the market. Most likely the software on your server is running Apache on Linux, an open source product. Servers need to be secured, and an open-source application is more likely to be less buggy and more secure than their more massive competitor Microsoft. 
These servers use an interface for you to access and configure them, a control panel. Some control panels are more complicated than others. Depending on how technical you are, this is a point of concern when picking a server host.

To get your page on the server, you need to FTP (file transfer protocol). FTP is a client (you) server application. If you created your page on your desktop, apparently to share it, you would need to get it on your server. It's also used to transfer files between your pc to someone else's computer.

The experience regarding hosting depends upon some points like disk space in which everything here depends on the size of your website. In fact, the easiest way to calculate the volume of the disk space do you need is to check your website's weight in your computer folder. But note that you'll need some extra space, just in case.

You should also consider the bandwidth so that estimate how much bandwidth your website may use. And of course, make sure that you get more bandwidth than your site uses.

You should consider the speed of site also so this is a significant factor while finding a hosting service. It will decide how fast your website loads when someone visits your site.

Make sure that you get enough email addresses with your domain name. There is no need to pay an extra fee for the use of a mail server as many hosts offer this service now for free, within the hosting plan.

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