Friday, 8 December 2017

DNS records and service DNS zones

DNS Manager in the Admin panel is used to create and manage:
1. service DNS zones
2. instant alias templates
3. DNS records


Before adding a DNS zone, You must have at least one DNS zone in your system and make sure that u have added the DNS servers with Service IPs.
To add a DNS zone:
1. Select DNS Manager in the E.Manager menu:
2. Click the Add DNS Zone link
3. Enter zone name and zone administrator e-mail and choose whether to allow third level domain hosting in this zone
4. After you submit the form, the new zone appears in the DNS Manager table
5. Click the EDIT icon to go to the DNS zone management page. Here you can add instant alias templates, custom DNS records to your DNS zone

DNS servers refreshing

Instant Alias Templates are used to generate Instant Aliases, temporary addresses providing immediate access to users' domains from the Internet. They are usually helpful when the DNS servers worldwide are being refreshed and the site is temporarily unavailable at the regular domain name.
how can we Add Instant Alias Templates ?
for Adding Instant Alias Templates
  1. Select DNS Manager in the E.Manager menu.
  2. Click the EDIT icon to go to the DNS zone management page. in this page
  3. To add an instant alias template, click the Add instant alias link. This will open the form to fill out
Shared IP tag
  1. Click Submit. You will be taken back to the list of instant aliases with the new instant alias template added to the list
Once an Instant Alias is created, the system adds all necessary A DNS records to this DNS zone.To view these DNS records, cilck the Edit button near the necessary Instant Aliases
The upper part of the table lists the existing DNS A records in the selected DNS zone. To delete DNS records, click the Trash icon.
The lower part of the table appears only when the DNS zone does not contain A records for some logical servers. It lists these logical servers with their IP's.
To add a logical server to the DNS zone, click the Add button. You can add all these servers to the DNS zone by clicking the Add records to all listed logical servers link at the bottom of the table.
To delete Instant Alias Template, click the Trash icon next to the corresponding alias.

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