Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Choosing A Scripting Language For Your WebSite

Building Web pages and databases today is easier than ever before. The real trick is expertly integrating the two together so that some Web pages can let visitors input data from HTML forms while other pages display database information. The answer lies in server-side scripting frameworks such as ASP.NET, ColdFusion, JSP, PHP and Perl. These frameworks let you write HTML documents with islands of code embedded in them.

Web pages can be executed as CGI scripts. CGI scripts are executables that will execute on the server to produce dynamic and interactive web pages.

Cpwebhosting.net does provide CGI capabilities which offers preinstalled, ready to run, guest-books, page-counters, and chat-forums solutions written in CGI scripts.

The use of CGI is most common on Unix or Linux servers.

cpwebhosting.net does provide the Hosting facility with PHP MySQL. Most of web developers are now using PHP with MySQL,

Each user role involves a fixed set of privileges on specific database:

Role: Set of privileges:
read select
read/write select, insert, delete, update
dba select, insert, update, drop, create, alter, index

With PHP and MySQL database, you can store information on the web and then you can include that information on your websites.

With the use of PHP MySQL I have been doing lot of things, my websites are being hosted on the www.cpwebhosting.net like Banner Rotation, Databases, Forums, Websites.

Banner Rotation : On this site, where each banner is, a PHP script is called. This opens a database and picks a random banner from it to show the visitor. It also counts the number of times the banner has been viewed and could, with a few changes, track clicks too. To add, change or edit the banners all I have to do is change the database and the script will pick the correct banners for all the pages on the site.

Forums : Hundreds of forums (message boards) on the internet are run using PHP and MySQL. These are much more efficent than other systems that create a page for each message and offer a wide variety of options. All the pages in the forum can be updated by changing one script.

Databases : One quite obvious example is sites which get all there information from a database. For example Script Avenue is run by a few scripts, which gain all their information from a large database. All the different script categories can be accessed in one script by just changing the URL to access a different part of the database.

Websites : If you have a large website and you want to change the design it can take a very long time to update and upload all the pages. With PHP and MySQL your whole website could be just one or two PHP scripts. These would access a MySQL database to get the information for the pages. To update the website's design you would just have to change one page.

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