Sunday, 5 November 2017

Tables to represent Raw Facts and Figures

We call it data, the raw facts, and figures. Anything you say must be backed with relevant data. When you share your experience or provide informatory information online on web pages, you wish to display the data in proper format.

Here come HTML <Tables> and with advancement, various forms are available. SiteGeek allows you to share your data using JSP. You can have CSS tables for SEO purpose.
Tables, where you store data in the format of rows and columns. Write down the headings and give the title to the table. 

There was a time when SEO industry stared replacing each of the <Tables> tag with CSS Div tables. But, again these days, it's usage have increased.  

Webmaster understands, that as much data is essential, as its presentation. 
Search Engines also have started considering tables and read them from the content the columns have. 

When you use tables on the key pages, and if some columns have descriptions while others have numbers, it is possible that this may push your keywords down the page. Search engines break up the table and read them for the content the columns have. The first column is read first, then the next and so on. Thus if the first column had numbers, and the next one had useful descriptions, the positioning of these specifications will suffer. 

The strategy is to avoid using such tables near the top of the key pages. Large sections of Javascript also will have the same effect on the search engines. The HTML part will be pushed down. Thus again, place your long Javascript lower down on key pages.

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