Sunday, 5 November 2017

SEO Tips for Startups

Mani, CP Web Hosting says "Your website needs continuous refinement. For every change you bring, share it on social media, to keep engagement machinery active".

Google can find you thousands of websites on the topic you choose, all writing more or less similar information. Mode of style, information display, its location may differ
Once you create a page, you wish to get unlimited visitors to the page, as at par your understanding. You enter recent, unique and innovative information. Google is going to take time to crawl the page, so you start sharing it on social media platforms. You cannot share the same page again and again if you don't bring something new to it. So, it is agreeable that continuous page refinement is necessary.

How your visitors can reach to the targeted page?
Visitors would navigate your website. If they find the page quickly without much hassle, your goal achieved. But, how do you know about it, you need to test, take the help of Google webmaster tools and continue to refine the navigation. 

Connect targeted Page with other posts and press releases

You need to connect the page through the plethora of posts, press releases and blog posts, you create to provide information or educate your visitors. 

Use good Content Management System 

CP Web Hosting recommends WordPress, to categories and link information. Use proper category-names and post-names, so visitor automatically understands about the content available in it. The Categories bring taxonomy to your website. 

Use proper tags to relate the content, to bring the relationship between various posts. You can make it active by linking thematic posts using similar tags. Ananova loves tagging, as it brings relevant pages which user finds quickly and easily.

Keywords and Meta-tags

You must provide at least one focus keyword, title, and description to a page. The focus keyword must be unique for every post.

Your sustained activities can help you to bring massive traffic to your pages.

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