Thursday, 9 November 2017

Search Engine Friendly Web Pages

Experts feel that web pages have to be search engine friendly to improve search engine rankings. Having a well designed and relevant web copy is crucial. This will help search engines easily index your web pages and rank them high.

Besides internal page factors including frequency and positioning of relevant keyword phrases, the leading search engines now suggest the importance of off the page factors, particular links from other domains.
Google ranks individual URLs based on which other URLs link to them, which URLs link to those, and so on. Thus the steps you have to take are:

Choose the terms that you wish to include as the most productive search terms for your site, terms that you associate with the correct target visitors to your site. Put those in the search engines and find what pages rank near the top for them. These top-ranking sites/pages would be on the top of your list if you needed to plant links to your site on other pages.

Once you have found the top ranked pages/sites for your chosen search term(s), you should check what sites or pages link to that site. If you get links from any of these sites to your target pages, you may be able to dramatically improve your ranking on Google and other crawler-based Search Engines.

If a website has a lot of interlinked pages, then even an obscure page from that site could be a reasonably effective candidate for having a link to your site. It is not essential that the link should be on the home page or prominent page of a popular site.

Creating fake domains and letting those domains point to your site is a trick thought to be effective for improving page ranking at Google. However, Google claims that this is not true and they can spot duplicate domains and domain scams.

The TITLE tag is an important one for search engines like Google, as that is often the first one indexed and it is given higher weighting in the relevance rankings. You have to pay attention to this tag. Keep it short (lower than 40 characters) and let the tag have material relevant to the keywords used during the search. As an example, if you had stuffed your Company Name as the TITLE tag, it would not help. The visitor that you want to attract is unlikely to be looking for your Company name in the search string. Think creatively as to what keywords people would use if they were looking for goods or services that your site offers.

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