Thursday, 9 November 2017

Listing Website in Open Directory

Having your website listed in Open Directory is essential. It provides results to Google, AOL, Lycos and Netscape Search. Open Directory doesn't have a paid submission service. Commercial, as well as non-commercial websites, can be submitted to Open Directory free of cost. This, however, has its drawbacks.
There is no guarantee if and when your website will be approved for submission. Having mentioned that, Open Directory does generate high traffic for your website, once approved. Thus, submission to this directory is worth the uncertainty involved.

Submission can be done by using the "Add URL" link at the top of each of the categories. If your website is accepted, it would appear within the directory in about three weeks' time. If rejected, there is no limit to how many times you can resubmit your website.

These are three most important Directories on the World Wide Web. Getting your site listed on each of these is a must as it can lead to a significantly large audience for your website.

There are currently hundreds of search engines out there, most of them are not much more than an advanced FFA page. You can surely not submit your site to each of these. The best strategy to follow is to use automated submittal software as discussed earlier for the Search Engines that are less popular, while hand submitting to the top 10 Search Engines.

Beware of the ads such as 'submit to the top 500 search engines for only $99', because generally only the top 10 will drive traffic to your site. It doesn't take much time to manually submit to these top engines and your $99 could better be spent on or buying ads in ezines or whatever.

At the moment the top ten search sites - meaning both directories and search engines account for just over 93% of all search engine traffic. The other 6.something% is made up of hundreds of sites claiming to be search engines. Even at that the 11th - 15th biggest search engines make up most of that figure. So what are the search sites you need to concentrate on? Some of the top search engines are discussed above. There are a few others which are also quite popular. The following is a suggested list of search engines and directories.
• (ODP)
• (Fast)
• Inktomi (AOL, Hotbot, MSN + more)
• Teoma
•, ( Paid Inclusion

LookSmart provides listings used by the very popular MSN Search service and AltaVista. Hence, like Yahoo, it is essential that you submit your website to LookSmart. LookSmart also provides two options for submission: Free submission for non-commercial websites and Paid submission for commercial as well as non-commercial websites.

LookSmart paid submission charges you a nominal fee every time a click is registered on your website. Free submission cannot be done directly from LookSmart. It has to be done through a site owned by LookSmart known as Zeal. The sign-up form for this is available at

Once your website is approved for submission, you can submit your website by using the "Manage" link at the top of each of the categories.

Some tips for Submission to Directories

The maximum length of the Title of the website should be 60 characters for Yahoo, 65 characters for LookSmart and 100 characters for Open Directory.
Description of your website is essential for submission to any Directory. The maximum length of this description for Yahoo is 25 words or 200 characters, 170 characters for LookSmart and 25 to 30 words for Open Directory.

Yahoo requires that you submit the Title, Description, Your name and Email for website submission, whereas LookSmart and Open Directory only require the Title and Description of the website.
Yahoo allows a maximum submission for one category per website; LookSmart and Open Directory allow a maximum submission for one category per URL.

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