Sunday, 5 November 2017

Americans prefer to shop online

CP Web Hosting marketing team had discussed on "How new startups can enter into American Online Store business?". The executives reveal that with a physical store, most of the visitors coming on Live Help online want to have an online presence by creating a website. With the physical store, they understand that local online shop is an essential step for the further and future growth of their business.

Americans do not understand the laid-back attitude many cultures have towards clients. So, CP Web Hosting team advise working on user-friendly features while creating an e-commerce website.

American style of choosing domain name

Choose a website name by giving preference to the type and character of the business. Most would prefer the name of their physical store. Adding a relevant keyword to domain name bring much relevance.

Choose American Hosting Company to have servers located in the US.

Default Directories provided with Hosting plans

The company follows same the convention of Hosting services. The company provides a client with Default Account Directories on the Linux server. The account name typically matches with the primary domain chosen by the customer. Beneath the hosting account directory, three other essential sub-directories are created by default.

public_html: It contains the HTML scripts served up to the site’s clients. This directory and those below it, the web space, accessible to anyone on the Web. Therefore pose a severe security risk if used for anything other than public data.

Logs: Contains the log data, both of accesses and errors.
CGI-bin: Contains the CGI scripts. The programs or shell scripts written by or for the webmaster executed by Apache on behalf of its clients. It is most important, for security reasons, that this directory not in the web space.

About CPWebHosting

The company specialized in providing reliable and user-friendly web hosting services and domain names at low prices. We have developed a full-featured Control Panel called Hepsia, which is available for free with all website hosting packages and which loads with cost-free tools that can help you publish your new site to the web very quickly.
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