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Web Hosting Companies

To Acquire knowledge about the Web hosting companies, first of all one should understand the meaning of the term “Web hosting”.

What is Web hosting?

Web hosting is a good solution for those who don’t have the facility of maintaining a system or an IT administrator who maintains as well as operates a network and is responsible for installing, supporting and maintaining a server or for those who doesn’t have the optimum amount of time to do so. Under this, it’s the web host (A web host is simply a website service provider who helps you to place your website on a computer, which is attached to a server, which is then in turn connected to the internet.) who takes the entire responsibility of managing and operating the server and the owner of the website is free from this task.

Web hosting companies are those companies which offer you a Good Platform for putting your Products and Services or E-business on the web and the entire responsibility of operating the network and maintaining the server of your website will be borne by them.

What kind of services they offer (shared hosting, servers only)?

Server monitoring (involves monitoring of CPU and disk usage, memory consumption, network and I/O), trouble shooting (dealing with hardware related problems), hardware maintenance( involves cleaning and testing of equipment or information system maintenance), software maintenance, maintenance of disk files at regular intervals, hardware as well as software upgrading, installation of software, security auditing (involves security scans, review of applications being run and checking of access controls by the operating system) , back up services, control panel set up (involves the modification and control of system settings) and other network services (like allocation of IP address and bandwidth related requirements).

Web hosting is of different types in which “Shared hosting” is the most common type of web hosting service where many websites reside on one web server ranging from a few to hundreds or thousands connected to the Internet and each site has its own section/place on the server, to keep it separate from other sites. Typically, all domains may share a common pool of server resources, such as RAM and the CPU. The features available with this type of service can be quite basic and not flexible in terms of software and updates.

What are the benefits of using shared hosting?

It offers various advantages such as:

Most Economical Option for hosting A Website, as many people share the overall cost of server maintenance, no skills required for Linux administration, offer the services in a user-friendly manner, easy to upload the site, create email accounts and a database and it saves time.

What is available in the shared hosting package commonly with web hosts such as:-

number of domain can be hosted, ssl, dedicated ip ,Disk space, Monthly transfer, Unlimited domain,Cloudfare enabled, free SEO tools, instant setup and activation,Wordpress and hundreds of other scripts,Soho launch pro web site builder,91 day guarantee, free domain registration,free dedicated IP address,FFmpeg support, free COMODO SSL Certificate,24/7/365 technical support, free merchant account setup and lowest rates in the industry, FREE Setup & Lowest Rates in the Industry, Word press, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and 300+ Scripts Installed Free & Instantly,MY SQL,CGI,Fast CGI,Postgrade SQL,PHP, Access to custom php.ini and .htaccess,SSH,PERL,PYTHON,Server side includes,Cron jobs,Curl,GD2,Image magick,Webmail,E-mail aliases, Auto-Responders,Vacation Messages and Message Scheduler,Catch all,POP3 and POP3s (secure),IMAP and IMAPs(secure),SMTP and SMTPs server, Mailman Listserver, Ruby On Rails,E-mail forwarders, hotlink protection,IP address banning, Custom error pages, Web based file manager, Password Protected Directories, phpMyAdmin, Don't see something? Just ask, we probably support it! error logs, raw logs, AWStats, Webalizer, We Host All TLDs (.com, .net, .org, .info .biz, .ca, .au, .uk, .in, Etc.)

Different web hosting companies offer different shared hosting packages, for example- sometimes your host will limit you to a certain number of domains and sometimes it will let you host ‘unlimited’ domains assuming there’s enough storage space. Some companies offer you unlimited disk space and some companies will keep the disk space limit by 10 GB or 20 GB,few companies offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites, unlimited monthly transfer and some will restrict it by 100 GB or 250 GB ,allow you to choose your location, verify customer reviews, to take backup, provide you dedicated IP and gives you uptime guarantee of 99.9%.

Top VPS Web Hosting Companies

One of the latest web hosting services is VPS web hosting. It has only newly increased reputation all over around. And it is the short form of Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is an origin of uncertainty for a lot of persons and businesses penetrating for a web hosting company for their websites. The cause behind this reputation is that it is actually an amalgam form of dedicated hosting and shared hosting.

Are you penetrating for online VPS web hosting companies? There are a lot of alternatives for this type of web hosting companies. The question that arises in our mind is, which web hosting company make available with most excellent and excellence hosting services? Citizens are opting towards VPS web hosting. It is no surprise that citizens are puzzled by the expression or not conscious about this single sort of web hosting services. The majority of the citizens is hesitant if it will ensemble their intentions or not. The most significant issue which arrives in their mind is whether it can provide their web hosting requirements.

Various Features of a VPS web Hosting:

Here are some important facts or features of a Virtual Private Server Hosting that we should know:

  • You can easily get a VPS hosting service at less cost than a full dedicated hosting scheme.
  • There are VPS schemes which can be tailored to congregate your requirements so you disburse for what you desire.
  • Virtual Private Server web hosting schemes are straightforwardly scalable. Catch the break to begin in your virtual surroundings with the smallest amount of resources. The most imperative obsession is that you do not have to disburse for too much resources.
  • Here you can find yourself, a lot more be in command of your virtual private server than you accomplish with shared web hosting. At last, it operates like a private server only.
  • For this type of web hosting also, you will have the similar technical and customer support as with shared or dedicated web hosting for most problems.
  • As a final point, there is a chance for you to select from partially managed web hosting where the web host corporation handles a number of repairs and completely managed services.

To whom it is useful:

VPS web hosting is enormous as it is an amalgam form of dedicated and shared web hosting and it overpasses the breach between these 2 web hosting services. Businesses like e-commerce and big businesses prefer this type of web hosting just because this hosting provides high security. VPS will provide you the autonomy and suppleness of a dedicated web hosting.

There are some top VPS webs hosting companies listed below: The very first name that comes into this hosting is Arvixe. This site provides VPS plan at just $40 a month. In which you can get 50 GB disk space and unlimited data transfer monthly and four central processing unit cores and two IP addresses. You can work with Linux and windows both after availing this plan. This is another company which provides several types of web hosting services and here you can start your VPS hosting at just $29.99 a month in an economic plan. Here you can get 40 GB storage space and 1000 GB/month bandwidth.

Finding Suitable Linux Version for VPS

It is not easy to find out the most suitable Linux version for VPS. VPS is generally used to provide further flexibility in the whole function of shared hosting. Generally it can be attached to the shared hosting. There are some cases where they are also used instead of the shared hosting. The proper kind of service can be obtained in this kind of process. Now that the large multinational companies as well as the small companies are proceeding to the on-line market to make the proper expansion of their services.

In this connection they are finding that the online market to be a very wide market for all kinds of business opportunities. The companies are finding the online market much bigger so far catching the proper client is concerned. For that they are finding that by making a proper kind of strategies to excel in their business opportunities. Whereas some of the companies are using the shared hosting for the right service, some others are using VPS services for a better result. In this connection many of the companies are finding the most suitable Linux version for VPS.

For finding the most suitable Linux version for VPS the companies are now making small groups of experts who are doing specific researches and producing reports. According to the reports the companies are coming to the decision as which is the most suitable Linux version that can help their VPS system to run properly. The success of the companies also depends to a large extent to these versions. If the version is not right the system may get disrupted many a times while a process is on.

Other than that if the proper the version is not properly aligned with the system, then many of the applications may come differently. This might be a great trouble in the whole process of operation in a business. The companies previously have faced these troubles and to prevent themselves from facing anymore trouble they have started to take expert guidance. They have very well realized that if they find the most suitable Linux version for VPS then the entire procedure of business will run very smooth. The Linux system, on the other hand, is very easy and trouble free. Now for that reason also the business online operations get a push while the entire process runs smoothly. The more the version is properly matched with the system the more it gets easy for the viewers also. The viewers also prefer an easy tackling website where all the necessary operations can be done without much problem.

With the perfect match of the Linux version and VPs the product promotion of the companies takes a whole new dimension. However, one has to be very cautious as well before purchasing the Linux version. Presently there are lot of software companies in the market who are offering the various versions Linux in cheap price. They need to be avoided. After finding the most suitable Linux version for VPS it is important to do a quality check.

Linux VPS Hosting providers

Linux VPS Hosting is provided by many providers with their respective plans. Some of them are for you.

Hostgator : The plans of linux VPS hosting provided by Hostgator consist of UNLIMITED Domains, UNLIMITED Email Accounts, UNLIMITED MySQL Databases, WEEKLY Off Site Backups, UNLIMITED FTP Accounts, FULL Root Access, 24/7/365 Award-Winning Support , a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a 45-day money-back guarantee and many more.

Dreamhost : Its features include: Disk storage- Unlimited TB + 50GB Backups, Unlimited monthly Bandwidth,RAM-300 MB – 4000 MB, Unlimited Domains Hosted, Unlimited Full Shell / SSH / FTP / SFTP Users,Unlimited E-Mail Accounts (POP/IMAP/Webmail), Unlimited MY SQL databases and much more.

Godaddy : Godaddy is another hosting provider which offers Free rapid setup, FREE SSL Certificate, 3 dedicated IPs, FTP access, 24/7 telephone, email and Web-based tech support, 24/7 physical security, 24/7 network monitoring etc.

Znetlive : Znetlive is another VPS web hosting company which offer various features such as Server Management Tool, Parallel's Virtuozzo, VPS Reseller Hosting, "Relaxed" - Fully Managed, FREE Website Migration, Custom DNS Nameservers, Cpanel/WHM, ZNetLive Iron Clad Guarantee, Customer Support, One Click Script Installs, Ecommerce Features, Hardware Specifications, Email, Webmail & Mailing list etc.

Linode : Linode is another linux VPS hosting provider which offer features such as Full ssh and root access, Guaranteed Resources, 8 processor Xen instances, Out of band console shell, Dedicated IP address, Six datacenters in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, A and Clustering Support, Transfer pooling, Managed DNS with API etc.

Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

We have seen that there are so many Linux VPS hosting providers are available in the market, but our first choice is to find the provider which offers excellent quality hosting services at an affordable or at a very cheap price, which fulfills the requirement of our website and also fit in our budget…So, have a look.

GREG : Greg is a cheap Linux VPS hosting provider which may provide two plans: First plan of 256MB OpenVZ include features such as 256MB Ram and burst of the same qty., RAID of capacity of 10GB, 10 SSD Disk space, 1IPv4 Address, IPv6 on Request, OpenVZ/SolusVM and all this for £20/Year only. Second plan of 256MB KVM include features such as 256MB Ram and Swap,10GB RAID10 SSD Disk space, Bandwidth capacity of 1000GB, 1Gbps Port Speed,1 IPv4 Address, IPv6 On Request, KVM/SolusVM and all this for £25/Year.

SUPREMEBYTES : Supremebytes is also counted among very cheap Linux VPS hosting providers was founded in September’2012 and based in Columbus, Ohio. It offer 2 plans, first is OVZ-256 include features such as RAM of 256MB, 1CPU,Diskspace of 20GB,1 IPv4 Address, Gigabit Port, OpenVZ/SolusVM and all this for $4/Month. It has one other plan OVZ-512 which include features such as RAM of 512MB,1CPU,diskspace capacity of 50GB, 1 IPv4 Address, Gigabit Port, OpenVZ/SolusVM and all this for $7/Month.

ZIPVPS : This provider is part of a Holoshed Technologies, registered in North Carolina. It offer three plans: first is Byte Plan which offer features such as 256MB RAM,10GB RAID,250GB Bandwidth,1Gbit Port Speed,1 IPv4 Address, KVM/Solus VM , all this for $2.50/Month. Second is Meg Plan which offer features such as RAM of 512MB, RAID of 25GB, 500GB of Bandwidth, 1Gbit Port Speed, 1IPv4 Address, KVM/SolusVM at the pice of $4.50/Month. Third is Gig Plan which include RAM of1024MB, 50GB RAID10 Disk, bandwidth of 1000GB, 1Gbit Port Speed, 1 IPv4 Address at the price of $6.50/Month.

NECS : ‘NECS’ stands for North East Computer System started to provide their VPS services in June’2012. They have three offers for their clients: In first offer, their features are 256MB RAM and vSwap, 30GB capacity of RAID, 600GB Bandwidth, 1Gbit Port Speed, 1 IPv4 Address, 5 IPv6 Addresses, OpenVZ/SolusVM at the price of £20/Year. Second offer include 512MB RAM, vSwap, 60GB RAID, 1Gbit Port Speed, 1 IPv4 Address, 900GB Bandwidth, 5 IPv6 Addresses at the price of £2.75/Month. Third offer include 768MB of vSwap and RAM, Bandwidth capacity of 1200GB, 1Gbit Port Speed, 1 IPv4 Address, 5 IPv6 Addresses at the price of £4.50/Month.

CHICAGO : Chicago is another cheap Linux VPS hosting provider which provides three plans to their clients. First is OpenVZ SSD-Cached which include 2048MB of RAM, OpenVZ+SolusVM, 2000GB of Bandwidth, 100Mbps of Port, 1 IPv4 Address at the price of $4/Month or $40/Year. Second plan KVM SSD Cached offers 1024MB of RAM, 100Mbps Port, 1IPv4 Address, and 1000GB of Bandwidth at the cost of $5/Month or $48/Year. Third plan is OpenVZ Pure SSD which include features such as 2GB of RAM/2GB of SWAP, 2000GB of Bandwidth, 1Gbps Port, 1 IPv4 Address, OpenVZ+SolusVM. It offers all this at the price of $7/Month.

ORBITSERVERS : It is also consider as one of the cheapest Linux VPS hosting provider which offer features such as 1024MB of RAM, 1IPv4 Address, OpenVZ/SolusVM, 1024MB of Burst, 2 CPU Cores, 25GB RAID10 Disk space, 500GB of Bandwidth, 100Mbps Port Speed. It offers all this at the very nominal price of $4.00/Month.

PREMIUM VM : Next is premium VM another cheap Linux VPS hosting provider which is based in Guernsey and are registered under Dominic’s sole trader status. It has three plans: first is LET-128MB which include features such as 4 vCPU Cores, 10GB of Disk space, 350GB of Bandwidth, 128MB of RAM, 256MB of vSwap, OpenVZ/SolusVM, 1 IPv4 Address and price is $7.50/6month. Second plan is LET-1GB which include features such as 30GB of Disk space, 350GB of Bandwidth, 1024MB of RAM, 1536MB of vSwap, 4 vCPU Cores at the price of $4/Month. Third plan is LET-2GB which include features such as 30GB of Disk space, 350GB of Bandwidth, 2048MB of RAM, 2560MB of vSwap, 4 vCPU Cores, 1 IPv4 Address at the price of $6/Month.

NODEPOP : It offer two plans, one is SM Plan which include features such as 100Mbit Port Speed, 1 IPv4 Address, 256MB of RAM, 200GB of Bandwidth, OpenVZ/SolusVM, 1 IPv6 Address at the price of $3 /Month. Next is LG Plan which makes available following features- 1024MB of RAM, 2000GB of Bandwidth, 100Mbit of Port Speed, OpenVZ/SolusVM at $7 /Month.

Bye Wordpress 3.5

We enjoyed Wordpress 3.5, released in 2012

Now the new version of Wordpress 3.6 is released, so if you have not yet wordpress updated your blog or website, you can do it now.

Let us reclaim what Wordpress 3.5 did provide or what were the significant changes were there in the version. Basically, there were 4 major significant changes in Wordpress 3.5 from its previous versions.

When the system was newly installed or being upgraded from the previous version, it shows the welcome page which displays the new changes being brought.

Media Manager : It handles the media content like images, videos and files, which in Wordpress 3.5 was completely changed. Also, there was in uploading method of the media.

New Default Theme : It was called 2012, as it was released in that year. Although 2010 and 2011 were sill bundled, but 2012 was the most updated theme with most recent features.

Support for High Resolution Devices : Palmtops, mobiles do require high resolution, Wordpress 3.5 was able to support them with more integrated graphics, so icons and pictures were shown more crispy and clear.

Links Manager was not there, as this feature was being used by very few people. If you have upgraded from the earlier version and have links installed, you would be able to view the Links Manager otherwise not.
Let us now enjoy Wordpress 3.6. Wordpress comes in 2 different varieties –

Cloud Hosted – Provided by Wordpress [dot] com, here you can setup your own website for free in their server itself.

Self-Hosted – You can install Wordpress on your website, hosted on your own server, it is the same application as provided by Wordpress [dot] com.

Wordpress was created by Matt Mullenweg. He did created the simple blogging tool, to put his content whenever he wants to be. It has undergone several changes and now Wordpress is not just blogging software. It is now being used by lot of heavy weights website:

Blogging sites: BoingBing, Cheez, Buzzmachine, Mashable
News Sites: The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Reuters, Maclean’s
Music Sites: Arcadefire, Jay-z, Katyperry, Mp3
Fashion: Kineda, Modelina, Stylewatch, hypebeast, ELLEgirl
Technology: All thing, Gigaom, TechChrunch, Technologizer, 9To5Mac
Politics: FiveThirtyEight, Swampland, Realclear Politics, Political ticker
Fortune 500 Companies: GM, UPS, eBay, Sony, WWW
There are endless possibilities with Wordpress, you can do whatever you want to do with Wordpress. You can bring your own ideas, twist Wordpress, by adding new functionality, looks and behavior and continuously improve and shape it to fit with your ideas.

Reseller hosting on Linux server

Reseller hosting allows you to get the full branding with a unique name for your server. With this, you may also get the unique logo for your server, which helps you to have an identity of your complete web hosting solution provider. Reseller hosting comes with complete Web hosting control manager. The provider offering Linux reseller hosting allows you to create and plan your own hosting plans and sell them with excellent web hosting control panels like Cpanel to your clients.

The people who are hosting numerous no. of websites, for them reseller hosting is suitable because it allows you to manage all your websites, under one hosting manager and by this, they are able to provide better service and good support to their clients. By providing their customers a good level of satisfaction, these providers grow faster, better serve and gain a competitive advantage over others.

Key features of Linux Reseller hosting

The website which you host has its own control panel, which reduces your workload and thus your website can be managed easily.
To be a reseller, you don’t require any technical knowledge. Your provider keeps your sites 100% online all the time.

Linux Reseller hosting allows you to have a full control over your site, thus allows you to add, edit, delete and manage websites quickly and easily.

Most of the providers offer their reseller hosting on the latest server technology from Dell or Super micro and provide you with very good data center facilities.

It provide another advantage i.e. it helps you to save your time and money, by maintaining servers for you.
The website which you host has full access to the powerful features, with no additional or hidden costs.